Employment Opportunities at the CHCC

Join our team and be a part of the CHCC! We are continually seeking qualified applicants for our Corporation.

Current job openings and forms can be downloaded below. Please contact Human Resource Department at (670)234-8950 Ext. 3583/3404 if you have any further questions about the application process or current openings.

Interested applicants may submit their CHCC Employment Applications and required documents to: apply@chcc.health
Please cite the Examination Announcement number in either the subject and/or body of your email.  (Ex: EA 12-345 or Examination Announcement 12-345)


CHCC Employment Application & Application Checklist
Application must be submitted during the active announcement period of the Examination Announcements below.
Application is valid for One (1) year from submission date.  For interest in other position(s), please fill out an Application Transfer Request Form. 

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Application Transfer Request
Supplemental form submission for those seeking to apply for another Examination Announcement(s).
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CHCC Volunteer Application
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Physician 24-001 Saipan
01/01/24 Open/ Continuous  
Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner 24-002 Saipan
01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Registered Nurse 24-004 Tinian 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Licensed Practical Nurse 24-006 Saipan 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Licensed Practical Nurse 24-007 Tinian 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Licensed Practical Nurse 24-008 Rota 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Certified Nursing Assistant 24-009 Saipan 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Certified Nursing Assistant 24-010 Tinian 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Certified Nursing Assistant 24-011 Rota 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Graduate Nurse 24-012 Saipan 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Nurse Unit Manager (Oncology) 24-013 Saipan 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Telemetry Technician 24-014 Saipan 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Audiologist 24-015 Saipan 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Speech-Language Pathologist 24-016 Saipan 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Staff Pharmacist 24-017 Saipan 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Registered Dietitian 24-018 Saipan 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Clinical Supervisor 24-019 Saipan 01/01/24 Open/Continuous  
Medical Social Worker Associate 24-056 Saipan 02/22/24 03/06/24  
Notice of Filing of Application Under the 
U.S. Department of Labor's Permanent
Labor Certification Program - Radiology/
X-ray Technician
  Rota 02/21/24 03/05/24  
Registered Nurse 24-057 Saipan 02/26/24 03/18/24  
Registered Nurse 24-058 Rota 02/26/24 03/18/24  
Clinical Laboratory Scientist 24-059 Saipan 02/26/24 03/18/24  
Computer Programmer 24-060 Saipan 03/05/24 03/11/24  
Helpdesk Support II 24-061 Saipan 03/05/24 03/11/24  
Maintenance Specialist 24-062 Tinian 03/05/24 03/18/24  
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