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Monday-Friday 7:00AM-2:00PM
Saturday-Sunday 10:00AM-1:00PM
CHCC Main Campus
(670)234-8950 Ext. 2710
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Good nutrition is essential for recovery and good health. Our dietary team, which consists of the dietary manager, clinical dietitians, and dietary staff, is passionate about food and providing proper nourishment for not only our patients, but the residents of the CNMI as well.

The CHCC Cafeteria is open to the public and we welcome you to join us for breakfast or lunch.

The cafeteria features a full self-service salad bar, complete with fruit, protein options, and a variety of salad dressings. We also offer hot items that may include local food, vegetarian options, soups, and more. Every Wednesday we feature local starches such as taro and tapioca, and focus on healthier menu options.

We have a variety of homemade breads and pastries as well.

The CHCC is passionate about promoting a healthy environment and we use many eco-friendly disposables, while also offering a discount to those who bring their re-usable dishes or coffee mugs.
Salad Bar
$0.60 per ounce

One (1) choice $4.00
Two (2) choice $5.00

One (1) choice $5.00
Two (2) choice $6.00

We accept cash, Visa, Masercard, JCB, and Discover cards.
Inpatient Dietary Services
Last Updated:1/30/2020