Corporate Support

For more information on CHCC administrative and support divisions, please click on the links below.

Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle at the CHCC includes the billing and collections offices. Click here for information on paying your bill.

Human Resources

The CHCC Human Resources department oversees hiring and onboarding new employees across CHCC divisions and programs.

Grant Funding

The Grants Management Office ensures that the CHCC is able to take full advantage of all federal grant funding available, and monitors grant compliance.

Health & Vital Statistics

The HVSO administers systems of vital statistics throughout the CNMI. Click here for birth/death certificates.

Corporate Quality & Performance Management

The CPQM office oversees the continual improvement of clinical and administrative processes at the CHCC.

Information Technology

The CHCC IT department provides technical support across the hospital, clinics, and population health programs.

Procurement & Supply

Click here for Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Facilities & Maintenance

The Facilities & Maintenance department oversees maintenance, repair, and expansion of CHCC facilities.

CHCC Cafeteria

The cafeteria is open to the public for breakfast and lunch, and provides a variety of hot options as well as a self-service salad bar.

CHCC Communications

CHCC Communications Department

Last Updated:1/30/2020