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The CNMI government established the Department of Public Health and Environmental Services in 1978 with Public Law 1-08. The current hospital opened in 1986, when the population was less than 20,000. In 2008, through Public Law 16-51, the Department of Public Health and Environmental Services was re-organized into a government corporation, which commenced operations in late 2011 as the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC).

The CHCC is governed by a Board of Trustees, currently headed by Chairman Juan N. Babauta, and is led by Chief Executive Officer Esther Muna.

The CHCC functions as an integrated healthcare system that brings together a wide scope of services including primary, outpatient, and inpatient care; ancillary services including laboratory, pharmacy, and physical therapy; population health services including public and environmental health; and mental and behavioral health services. Through this integration under a single organizational structure, the CHCC provides the majority of healthcare services in the CNMI.

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Last Updated:3/4/2022