Request For Proposal

Welcome to the CHCC Request for Proposal page. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, select the proposal you are interested in and fill out your contact info. After clicking submit, you will be able to download the details of the RFP.

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RFP # Description of RFP End Date
RFP19-CHCC-GSS-015 Pest Control Services 07/24/2019
RFP19-CHCC-CGC-CCP-017 Crisis Counseling Program 07/23/2019
RFP19-CHC/CGC-SOC-019 Evaluation Services 08/09/2019
RFP19-CHCC-REVENUECYCLE/NURSING-020 Oncology Services 08/21/2019
RFP19-CHCC/CGC-021 1st Floor Renovations 09/09/2019
ITB19-CHCC/IT-MIHI-002 IT Equipment 09/06/2019
RFP19-CHCC-CGC-SOC-023 Wrap Around Assessment 09/20/2019
ITB19-CHCC/DENTAL-001 Dental Vans 10/01/2019
ITB19-CHCC/ELC-003 Lease Vehicle 10/18/2019
ITB19-CHCC/IT-BEH-004 IT Equipment 10/21/2019
RFP19-CHCC/CGC-SOC-023 Wrap Around Assessment 10/28/2019
RFP19-CHCC-OUTPATIENT PHARMACY-022 Medical Supplies Shipping 10/28/2019
ITB20-CHCC/HIVSTD-001 Vehicle Procurement 11/15/2019
ITB20-CHCC/CGC/HTP-01 Office Vehicle Procurement 11/01/2019
ITB20-CHCC/ELC/BEH-001 Laboratory Unit Improvement 11/20/2019
RFP20-CHCC/CGC/HTP-01 Office Space Lease 11/01/2019
RFP20-CHCC/CGC/HTP-002 Healthy Transitions Program Evaluator 11/01/2019
RFP20-CHCC/MSO-01 General Medical & Housekeeping Supplies 12/05/2019
RFP20-CHCC-RESPIRATORYCARE-001 Respiratory Care Equipment 12/20/2019
RFP20-CHCC-HEMODIALYSIS-002 Full Automation 12/20/2019
RFP20-CHCC-DPH-MCHB-001 Needs Assessment 12/06/2019
RFP20-CHCC-HEMODIALYSIS-001 Two (2) Biolab 4400M Digital Reverse Osmosis System for Mar Cor Purification 12/06/2019
RFP20-CHCC/HEMODIALYSIS-001A Two (2) Biolab 4400M Digital Reverse Osmosis System for Mar Cor Purification 12/30/2019
RFP19-CHCC/OUTPATIENT PHARMACY-022A Pick-up and Delivery of Purchased Pharmaceuticals and supplies 01/15/2020
RFP20-CHCC-RESPIRATORYCARE-001A Four (4) Puritan Bennett 980 Ventilators and Fisher & Paykel 850 Humidifier Base & Starter Kit 02/11/2020
RFP20-CHCC-CGC-DCMP-001 Office Space Lease 01/27/2020
RFP20-CHCC-PDMP-001 Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Software System 02/27/2020
RFP20-CHCC-DOHS-OD2A-001 Office Space 02/27/2020
ITB20-CHCC-OD2AP-001 Vehicle Lease 03/11/2020
ITB20-CHCC/MCHB-001 Lease Vehicle 03/30/2020
RFP20-CHCC-OD2A-002 One (1) Multi-Function Digital Color Copier/Network Printer/Scanner 04/06/2020
RFP20-CHCC-FACILITIES-002 Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of a 25-ton Air Conditioner in the Oxygen Generating Room 04/29/2020
RFP20-CHCC-FACILITIES-003 Fire Rated Door Replacement & New Installation 04/30/2020
ITB20-CHCC-CGC-DCMP-002 Lease of Vehicles 04/28/2020
RFP20-CHCC-CGC-DCMP-002 Construction Cost Analyst 07/06/2020
ITB20-CHCC-DPH-IMMUNIZATION-001 CHCC Vaccine Storage and Handling Equipment 08/25/2020
RFP21-CHCC/OD2A-001 Creative Digital and Print Services 11/25/2020
RFP21-CHCC-THC-001 Tinian Health Center Storm Readiness Project 12/02/2020
RFP21-CHCC/BUSINESS OFFICE-001 Cash Transit Services 12/16/2020
RFP21-CHCC-FINANCE-001 Single Audit for Fiscal Years 12/22/2020
RFP21-CHCC-CGC-DRP-001 Office Lease 12/23/2020
RFP21-CHCC-PH-NCDB-001 Non-Communicable Disease Bureau Website 12/23/2020
ITB21-CHCC/CGC-DRP-002 Lease of Vehicles 01/06/2020
RFP21-CHCC/CGC-OPIOID-001 SUD/OUD Community Needs Assessment 12/22/2020
ITB21-CHCC/PH-EHDI-001 Procurement of Diagnostic Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR) Machine 01/06/2020
RFP21-CHCC-CGC-HT-PH-MCHB-001 Office Lease - Tinian 12/23/2020
ITB21-CHCC-THC-001 Tinian Health Center Network Infrastructure Project 02/11/2021
RFP21-CHCC/AOC-COVID-19-001 CHCC Vaccination Call Center 03/20/2021
RFP21-CHCC/AOC-COVID-19-002 CHCC COVID-19 Vaccination Communications & Marketing 03/22/2021
ITB21-CHCC/Facility-001A Procurement of Surveillance Camera System - BID CANCELLED 05/04/2021
ITB21-CHCC/RHC-001 Rota Health Center-Network Infrastructure Project 05/06/2021
RFP21-CHCC-ELC-001A Community Disease Management System (CDMS) 05/19/2021
RFQ21-CHCC-PH-CGC-001 Professional Services For Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) 06/21/2021
ITB21-CHCC-CGC-BHRP-001 Lease of Vehicles 06/21/2021
RFP21-CHCC-CGC-BHRP-002 Office Lease 06/21/2021
RFP21-CHCC-HEMODIALYSIS-001 Dialysis Center - Hemodialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis Consumable/Disposable Supplies and Equipment 07/5/2021
RFP21-CHCC-FACILITY-002A Design/Build Service for the 3-Level Parking Garage 07/30/2021
RFP21-CHCC-HIT-001 CHCC Laboratory Interface Network Expansion 08/09/2021
RFQ21-CHCC-ELC-002 Professional Services for Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Informatics Analysis 08/09/2021
ITB21-CHCC-CGC-SOC-001 Procurement of Sport Utility Vehicle 07/26/2021
ITB21-CHCC-CGC-TLC-001 Procurement of 15-Passenger Van 08/03/2021
RFP21-CHCC-CGC-HT-SOC-002 Professional Services 08/23/2021
RFP21-CHCC/HIT-002 Procurement of CHCC Inter-Facility Fiber Optics 09/07/2021
RFQ21-CHCC-PH-CGC-002 Professional Services For Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) 09/10/2021
ITB21-CHCC-CGC-SATR-001 Procurement of 7-Seats Passenger Van 09/20/2021
ITB21-CHCC-CGC-CCP-001 Lease of Vehicles 09/16/2021
ITB21-CHCC_IT-003 Switches for CHCC Interfacility Network Upgrade 10/18/2021
RFP21-CHCC_CGC-SOC-003 Rota Office Lease 10/18/2021
RFP21-CHCC-CGC-CCP-002 Office Lease - Saipan 10/11/2021
RFP22-CHCC-CGC-CCP-001 Office Lease - Tinian 10/20/2021
ITB22-CHCC-FINANCE-002 Procurement of Computer Stations 10/22/2021
RFP22-CGC-SOC-HT-003 Professional Services 10/22/2021
RFP22-CHCC-CGC-CCP-004 Rota Office Lease 11/05/2021
ITB22-CHCC-MICAH-HOME-005 Lease of Vehicles 11/16/2021
RFP22-CHCC-CGC-AS-006 Office Lease 11/16/2021
ITB22-CHCC-EHDP-ELC-CDI-007 Lease of Vehicles 12/27/2021
ITB22-CHCC-CGC-SABG-008 Purchase of Vehicle 01/31/2021
RFP22-CHCC-CGC-NASMHPD-TI-988-009 Professional Services 02/04/2022
ITB22-CHCC-PH-NCDB-010A Lease of Vehicles 02/16/2022
RFP-CHCC-GSS-011 Laundry Services 04/04/2022
ITB22-CHCC-HDP-012 Lease of Vehicles 04/04/2022
RFP22-CHCC-CGC-014 Recovery Support Services 05/20/2022
RFP22-CHCC-SURGICALEXPANSION-017A Design Services for Expansion of the Surgery Department 06/15/2022
ITB22-CHCC-015 Procurement of Vehicles for THC, RHC, EHDP, MSO 05/30/2022
ITB22-CHCC-THC-RHC-016A Lease of Provider's Housing for THC AND RHC 08/23/2022
RFP22-CHCC-OUTPATIENT PHARMACY-019 Pharmacy Department Drive-thru Renovation & Improvements 07/08/2022
RFP22-CHCC-THC-020A Design Services For Tinian Health Center Generator Replacement 09/26/2022
ITB22-CHCC-FACILITY-021A Procurement of Two (2) Unit Pick Up Truck 07/25/2022
ITB22-CHCC-CGC-SOC-022 Procurement of One (1) Unit Sport Utility Van (SUV) 07/25/2022
RFP22-CHCC-CGC-018A Office Lease - Saipan 07/27/2022
ITB22-CHCC-CGC-HTP-023 Procurement of Vehicle - HTP's Tinian Office 08/29/2022
RFP22-CHCC-LABORATORY-024 Laboratory Expansion Project 09/09/2022
ITB22-CHCC-WIC-025 Procurement of Computer System For WIC's Management Information System Upgrade 09/05/2022
RFP22-CHCC-NCDB-027 NCD-CHW 2022 Program Evaluation 10/17/2022
RFP22-CHCC-CGC-026 Comprehensive Case Management Application 10/17/2022
RFP22-CHCC-NCDB-028 NCD/CBH And Risk Factor Hybrid Survey 10/27/2022
RFP23-CHCC-PHS-001 Community Health Assessment(CHA), Community Health Improvement Plan(CHIP) and Population Health Services(PHS) Strategic Planning 11/18/2022
ITB23-CHCC-P&S-003 Sale of Used Government Vehicles 12/16/2022
RFP23-CHCC-FACILITY-002 Water Treatment Systems Operation and Maintenance Services For The Hospital And Hemodialysis 01/03/2023
RFP22-CHCC-CGC-ZERO SUICIDE PROGRAM-004 Program Evaluation Monitoring, Compliance and Data Collection 12/23/2022
RFP23-CHCC-ELC-EDE-005 Laboratory Renovation/Improvement Project 01/16/2023
ITB23-CHCC-MICAH-007 Lease of Vehicles 03/24/2023
RFP23-CHCC-EHDP-006 Construction/Renovation Services-EHDP Laboratory 03/24/2023
RFP23-CHCC-IT-008A Broadband Services Under The FCC Healthcare Connect Fund 03/21/2023
RFP23-CHCC-PMHCA-010 Assessment & Strategic Planning 03/31/2023
RFP23-CHCC-MSO-009A Procurement of General Medical Supplies-Stock Items 05/05/2023
RFP23-CHCC-011 CHCC Inpatient Room Renovations 04/17/2023
RFP23-CHCC-CAS-012A Procurement of CT Scan 05/19/2023
RFP23-CHCC-LABORATORY-013A Laboratory Expansion Project #2 06/12/2023
ITB23-CHCC-HPP-PHEPP-014 Lease of Vehicles 07/06/2023
ITB23-CHCC-RHC-015 Lease of Vehicles 07/06/2023
RFQ23-CHCC/DESIGN BUILD-IDIQ-016A1 Qualifications for IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity) Design/Build Contractors 09/22/2023
ITB23-CHCC-CGC-988 CRISIS-017 Procurement of Vehicles 08/14/2023
ITB23-CHCC-CGC-TLC-018 Procurement of Vehicles 08/14/2023
RFP23-CHCC-CAS-019A Procurement of Mobile Open MRI 09/29/2023
ITB23-CHCC-CGC-SPP-019 Lease of Vehicle 09/15/2023
ITB23-CHCC-PHEPP-MRC-020 Lease of Vehicle 10/13/2023
RFP24-CHCC-HIT-001 Installation of Security Door System 11/27/2023
RFP24-HIT-EMR-EHR-002A Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation Electronic Health Record Implementation Project 12/15/2023