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Halina S. Palacios
CQPM Manager
The CHCC Corporate Quality & Performance Management (CQPM) office was developed in December of 2012 through support and funding from the National Public Health Improvement Initiative, a grant from the CDC. The goal of the CPQM office is the continual improvement of clinical and administrative processes so that CHCC can deliver valuable services to the community, improve patient outcomes, and achieve strategic, operational, and clinical cohesion throughout the corporation.

Utilization Review
The Utilization Review (UR) program provides effective solutions for patients by determining the most appropriate care setting for all levels of services across the CHCC. This includes reviewing the medical necessity of scheduled procedures; decisions made while a patient is in an acute or post-care setting; coverage after treatment; and the transition of a patient's care upon discharge.

Infection Control
The Infection Control (IC) program provides guidance, advice, and assistance in implementing standardized methodology for maintaining a safe environment and reducing the risk for the spread of infectious disease within the CHCC. IC works to reduce risk of hospital-associated infections and ensure a safe and healthy hospital for our patients, visitors, and employees.

Hospital Risk/Quality Management
The Hospital Risk/Quality Management program examines risk related issues in the hospital, aims to continuously improve the quality of care and services delivered to CHCC patients and clients, and develops, implements, and coordinates all activities that are designed to improve the processes by which care and services are delivered.

Goals of the Risk/Quality Management program:
Corporate Compliance
The Corporate Compliance program provides risk management strategies and regulatory compliance assistance to ensure that CHCC employees comply with internal policies and procedures.

HIPAA Compliance
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulates the use and sharing of a patient’s protected health information (PHI) by healthcare organizations. The HIPAA Compliance program creates and implements policies and trains staff on the privacy and security of patient medical records and other PHI.

Learn more about HIPAA on the HHS website.

Public Health Quality
The Public Health Quality program focuses on providing guidance and assistance to CHCC public health programs in implementing quality improvement initiatives. The program also takes the lead on facilitating key steps towards Public Health Accreditation.
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