Medical Services

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation Hospital is an 86-bed, Medicare-certified hospital that opened in 1986 and was expanded in 2007. The hospital’s scope of services includes emergency medicine, obstetrics, postpartum care, nursery, adult and neonatal intensive care, surgery, general medicine, pediatrics, nursing, physical therapy, respiratory care, radiology, medical social services, dietetic and food services, medical laboratory, pharmacy, hemodialysis, mental health, and various outpatient services. We are a busy community hospital, with more than 60,000 outpatient visits each year and a daily census nearing 90% capacity.

It is our mission at Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation to be dedicated in providing and delivering compassionate, safe, quality, and skilled healthcare to the people of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Jesse M. Tudela, M.Ed., RRT
Director of Hospital Services

Services & Programs

Primary Care

Primary care means going to the doctor not just when you are feeling unwell, but regularly for checkups and monitoring of any chronic health conditions. Click here for the Family Care Clinic, Women's Clinic, and Children's Clinic.

Our Providers

Coming soon! A list of our providers, including doctors, physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse midwives.

Dialysis Center

The CHCC's Dialysis Center is a CMS accredited facility that provides both inpatient and outpatient dialysis to residents of the CNMI.

Oncology Center

The Northern Marianas Oncology Center provides comprehensive care and treatment to people suffering from all types of cancer.


The CHCC Outpatient Pharmacy dispenses prescription drugs for outpatient use, and offers over-the-counter drugs and other health and hygiene products.

Emergency Room

Emergency care is provided to all who seek services regardless of age, sex, disability, religious beliefs, political beliefs, cultural background, educational levels, national origin, or ability to pay.

Inpatient Services

Click here to learn more about the different wards and units within the CHCC hospital.

Other Services

Click here to learn about other medical and ancillary services offered at the CHCC.

Tinian & Rota

Tinian Health Center

The Tinian Health Center is the only medical facility on the island of Tinian.

Rota Health Center

The Rota Health Center is the only medical facility on the island of Rota.

Last Updated:1/30/2020