Environmental Health Disease Prevention

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Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:30PM
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Navy Hill
Admin:1 670 236-2022/23
Inspectors:1 670 236-2027/28
The CHCC Environmental Health Disease Prevention (EHDP) goal is to ensure the protection of the general public and consumers against adverse effects that may result from hazardous environmental health and unsanitary conditions. The EHDP is solely responsible for the issuance of a Food Handler Certificates and a Sanitary Permits for establishments to be in full compliance with public health requirements. The EHDP continues to work in collaboration with government agencies and private sector organizations on enforcing rules and regulations pertaining to public health.

EHDP HOTLINE: (670)664-4677

Call to report any unsanitary practices at retail, food, and other establishments.
Food Safety Workshop for Food Handler Certification. CLICK HERE for more information and to register.
  • Vehicle Inspections - Friday 9:30AM-4:30PM
  • Inspections on a bi-annual and or on annual basis of all regulated establishments, such as restaurants, night clubs, roadside vendors, retail/wholesale, catering, BBQ Stands, room accomadation (hotel, motel), and schools.
  • Food safety training for Food Handler Certification
  • Village Premise inspections for the elimination of vector harborage areas for disease prevention, specifically mosquitoes and rodents
  • Entertain and provide appropriate action on complaints regarding overflow of garbage and domestic sewage, expired food items, and other unsanitary practices affecting the general public
  • Burial Plot assignment (Tanapag Cemetary)
  • Outreach and education on food safety and vector control
  • Recalling affected importaed and or locally grown/manufactured products
  • Investigate foodborne illness outbreaks and potential vector borne disease outbreaks
Last Updated:12/29/2020