Youth Mental Health

Mental health is incredibly important for our youth and young adults. Good mental health allows children to develop the skills they need to cope with whatever challenges they face in life and grow into well-rounded adults. Mostly things that happen to children don’t lead to mental health problems on their own, but traumatic events can trigger problems for children and young people, especially those who are already vulnerable.
Services & Programs

System of Care

The System of Care Program focuses on providing mental health services and support to children and youth who are experiencing or may be at-risk of developing severe emotional challenges.

Healthy Transitions

The Healthy Transitions program is focused on helping teens transition into healthy and mature young adults.

Garrett Lee Smith Youth Suicide Prevention Program

The Garrett Lee Smith Youth Suicide Prevention Program (GLS YSPP) provides counseling services to youth and young adults, ages 10-24, who are having thoughts of suicide or have made a suicide attempt.

Last Updated:1/30/2020