Transitional Living Center

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Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:30PM
Navy Hill on Gloria Drive
The Transitional Living Center (TLC) is designed for individuals 19 years or older with severe and persistent mental illness. The primary functions of the center are to offer individually-tailored mental health care, support and education, and linkages to community resources. Client services aim to improve community and independent living through skills development, building supports, and strength-based interventions.

The TLC operates based on the following principles:

FOCUSED-CARE: Caseworkers maintain at least weekly contact with each client, ensuring basic needs are being appropriately met and assisting with unmet needs as necessary.

PSYCHO-EDUCATION: Classes at the TLC are aimed at improving independent living, social function, and reduced symptomology via psycho-education, early detection/prevention, and skills training.

HANDS-ON: Clients are given an opportunity to “practice” skills learned in various classes, such as grocery shopping, riding public transportatoin, and social interaction.
Last Updated:1/30/2020