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Monetary Donations
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The CNMI's healthcare system is facing unprecedented challenges as COVID-19 threatens the CNMI.

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC) Agency Operations Center is on the frontline working to prevent, detect, and respond to this crisis.

You can directly support our health workers to combat this threat through monetary donations or donations in kind. Click on the respective buttons to contribute to the COIVD-19 Response Fund through a secure digital portal. You can also find information on payment options and tax exemption opportunities.

CHCC recognizes and thanks our community members for their support.

Donations received will directly fund the CHCC to support COVID-19 response on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota, including:
  • Expanding health care services capacity to care for the anticipated patient surge
  • Purchasing essential supplies such as masks, gloves, and protective wear for frontline workers
  • Accelerating the timeline to achieve on-island widespread testing availability

Your contribution to our work on the frontlines of COVID-19 is greatly appreciated. For more information about COVID-19 in the CNMI, please visit our Corona Virus Information Page.
Si Yu’us Ma’ase, Ghilisow, & Thank you to our partners in health
Monetary Donations
Donations In-Kind
List of Items
  • PPE
  • Water
  • Medical Supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Other Donations accepted
Donation Guidelines
The CHCC will follow all FDA guidelines when accepting donations of medical supplies.

All pharmaceuticals must be US FDA approved, donations of pharmaceuticals that are not FDA approved will not be accepted.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.
Tax Deduction Information
The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation is an autonomous agency of the government of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (established by Public Law 16-51 as amended by PL 19-78). As a government agency, contributions to the Commonwealth healthcare Corporation are tax deductible pursuant to IRC 170(c)(1)
Donate Items
Thank You to our Donors
Donated By Description of Donation
Triple J Company N95 Masks
DFS Saipan Limited Surgical Masks
N95 Masks
DR Safety Consulting Hazmat Suits
International Hospital Supply Corporation Protexis PI Classic Sterile Polyisoprene Powder-Free Surgical Gloves
Dr. Zhang Rapid Test Kits
Dr. Zhang Non-contact Thermometers
Dong A Corporation Sam Yang Bowl Noodles
Star Sands Plaza 3 Flyer Mask and PM 2.5 Mask Filter
Mr. & Mrs. O'Mailey Tom Yum Bento
Herman's Modern Bakery Thanksgiving Bento
Galaxy Snack Bar Donuts
Dr. Zhang Aicare medical Infared Thermometer
E-Land Group Goodie Bags (bag, towel, massager, vitamin gummies, Pringles, Godiva chocolate, M&M's, banana chips, thank you card)
Homeland Security & Emergency Management
World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific United Nations Bio Bottles w/ Ice Brick packs
Hand Sanitizer
N95 Respirator masks
Surgical Masks
Body Bags
SFD, Inc. 3-Ply Surgical Mask
Disinfecting Spray VCIDER
Joeten Wholesale Yoplait Yogurt
Asian American Journalists Association
(San Francisco Bay Chapter)
KN95 Masks
Surgical Masks
Lauren Kawana
Jaeah Lee
Thomas Manglona II
KN95 Masks
Surgical Masks
Anna Liza Guancia Assorted Kutsinta, Puto, Pitchi-Potchi
World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific United Nations Surgical Mask
N95 Respirator Mask
Body Bags
Big bottles and ice packs
Hand Sanitizer
Jill Arenovski @ Saipan Snaps Saipan Snaps Sweetheat
Saipan Snaps Original
Americares Foundation, Inc N95 Masks Earloops Style
Boyer Trading Company Carroll Clean N Fresh Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial
Purell Hand Sanitizer gel 1000mL Refill for purell NXT Dispenser
Tan Holdings/TSL Foundation/NMIFA Spam
iShop Goodie bags
and Face Masks
DFS Saipan Limited Chocolate and Candy
Irene Holl 3M N95 Particulate Respirator 8210V
Donna & Charlie Rivera Assorted Empanada
Cha Cafe & Bistro Milk Tea
American Pizza & Grill Large Pizza
Maui Job Corp. Center Face Mask w/ Earloop
Isolation Gown
Mask (10 pcs/pck.)
Monster Pizza Boxes of Pizza and Iced Teas
Ryo Irie & Yusho Oki 3-Ply Masks w/ Earloop
Antiseptic Solution Steri Power Water
Spray Nozzles
Project Guinaiya Hotel Shower Gel
Hotel hair Conditioner
Hotel Shampoo
Hotel Body Lotion
Hotel Mini Bar Soap
Wooden Hair Brushes
Large Dish Washing Soap
Medium Dish Washing Soap
Small Dish Washing Soap
Dental Floss
Pain Killers
Mouth Wash
Hand Wipes
Disinfecting Wipes
Hand Soap
Rubbing Alcohol
Body Wash
Clorox Bleach
Small Laundry Detergent
Hand Sanitizer
Dial Bar Soap
Irish Spring Bar Soap
Ivory Bar Soap
Laundry Detergent
Playing Cards
Post-Its Holder
Paper Towel
Cash for Hand Sanitizer
Irene Holl Homemade Egg Sandwiches
Ikaika Bright Cloth Masks
Saipan Alliance Lions Club Pre-Packed Bags of fruits, Snacks, and Water
Circle A Medical Inc Acetaminophen
Guam Regional Medical City 3 BARD MRI Implantable Port w/ attachable 8F Polyurethane Open-Ended Single-Lumen Venous Catheter
5 BARD Slimport Titanium Implantable Port w/ attachable 6F Polyurethane Open-Ended Single-Lumen Venous Catheter
Empty Vessel Ministry Foundation Goodie Bags (Peanut butter, variety of cereal, milk, rice, juice, canned goods)
Provide Our Heroes Protective Visors
Commonwealth Development Authority Face Masks w/ Earloop
Posh Bonita Sisterhood Tribe Goodie Bags (chocolates, lotion, drinks, hand sanitizers, fan)
Takagi & Associates, Inc. Monetary Donation
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company, Ltd. Monetary Donation
Saipan Sourthern High School National Honor Society Candy Grams
YK Corp. dba Sunshine Laundry Services Towels
Hoon Ahn/Young's Corporation Bottled Water
KFC Saipan 2 Piece KFC Chicken Meals
JC Marketing Inc. Saipan Bottled Water
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