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Tina Snodgrass
Medical Social Services Manager
Illness often causes many life changes for an individual, and a medical social worker can provide counseling for the patient and family to reduce anxieties and adjust to these changes. Social service programs are directed toward meeting the psychosocial needs of patients, their families, and significant others to reduce the crisis and trauma often experienced with sudden illnesses, disabilities, or hospitalization. One of the other crucial tasks of a medical social worker is discharge planning, which is the process of planning for post-hosptial care. This could mean arranging for services such as a home visit nurse, arranging for equipment like a wheelchair, or making referrals for a range of follow-up services.

Medical social wokers also have a role in aiding victims of violence, who include victims of sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and elder abuse. The specific role of the social worker is in the clinical assessment, treatment, and referral (when necessary) for follow up care. Social workers also participate in developing hospital protocols for treating victims and collaborate with involved community and government agencies.

The central role of medical social workers is patient care. Medcial social workers provide patient care services to all areas of the hospital, including the inpatient wards, the outpatient clinics, and the emergency department. Medical social workers also serve on various hospital committees such as Utilization Review, Quality Assurance, and Care Transition. 
Common discussions that social workers engage in with patients and families include:
  • Patient and family adjustment to illness/injury
  • Patient and family coping with stress
  • Grief and loss issues
  • Safety and crisis intervention
  • Financial assessment - identifying and referring cases for financial assistance
  • Discharge planning - working together with hospital staff, patients, and their families to develop and implement a post-discharge care plan
  • Information and referral services - linking patients and caregivers to community resources

Our services are free and confidential.

The Medical Social Services Department is located on the second floor of the CHCC main campus, next to Pediatrics.
Last Updated:1/30/2020