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Dr. Philip Dauterman, MD
Laboratory Director
A medical laboratory is a very important and integral part of any hospital or clinic, and the CHCC is no exception. In addition to your history and a physical examination by your physician, laboratory testing provides important information about your health, and enables your physician to determine if you have an illness. The CHCC laboratory is committed to using quality systems and the latest technology to assure the best outcome when performing tests for patient diagnoses.

What are some of the tests? Your physician may order something as simple as a "CBC" test. This is a complete blood count. Reporting the volume and quality of blood in your body is essential to good health. There are a lot of other tests; a simple urinalysis screens the urine for any abnormal components or disease indicators. Other and sometimes more complex testing may be done through the CHCC laboratory or samples may be sent off-site for testing at another facilility.

CHCC laboratory staff are accountable for the quality and integrity of each and every specimen received in the laboratory. Each staff member maintains a high standard of practice in performing and evaluating your tests, and the lab is dedicated to ensuring safe, reliable, and cost-effective laboratory services for the CNMI community.
Last Updated:1/31/2020