CHCC Fee Schedule

Click here to view the FY 2022 CHCC Fee Schedule
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The charges appearing in this document do not reflect any adjustments that may be made based on your insurance program or coverage. The amount you are required to pay will vary because of negotiated reimbursement rates by: The charge for services included on your bill is based on many factors that vary from the costs of buying medications, surgical equipment, and other supplies; powering and maintaining hospital buildings; paying highly-trained healthcare workers; and purchasing up-to-date medical technology.

Please be aware that each medical procedure is made up of numerous charges, and the standard charge lists should not be used to accurately estimate the total charges or final patient cost of a given hospital stay. With this, frequent changes to the fee schedule may occur without notice. CHCC does not guarantee the prices displayed herein.If you wish to obtain an accurate estimation of your patient responsibility, please contact your insurance carrier, or contact our Billing department at 670-234-8950 for further assistance.
Last Updated:03/09/2021